<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> Guakia: A Puerto Rican and Hispanic Cultural Center


Guakía is an independent community-based organization dedicated to the preservation, affirmation, and celebration of Puerto Rican and Hispanic arts, culture and heritage through education in Greater Hartford and the New England region. The focus of the organization is on children, community, arts education (music, dance, theater arts, visual arts and creative writing), and the humanities. Guakía has three major components:

  1. Education:
    1. Guakiarte School for the Creative and Performing Arts is the only school of its kind in the Hispanic communities of Connecticut. Guakiarte serves over 500 children and youth directly and over 2,500 indirectly annually. The student’s ages range between 3 to 18. The school also serves the adult community. Guakiarte has been developing talented musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists and writers for 25 years.

    2. La Herencia De Un Pueblo / The Heritage a People (redefining Hispanic identity through the mirror of the humanities)
      1. La Universidad del Pueblo / University of the People (courses in the humanities)
      2. Cinco Diálogos / Five Dialogues (a lecture series with international artists and humanist)
      3. El Pregonero / The Town Crier (a bilingual literary/arts publication)

  2. Performers:
    Guakía houses four groups of young performers (Guakibomjazz, Guakiasolfa, Guakiritmo and Guakiflauta); one adult performing ensemble (Guakiplena); and one youth dance ensemble (Guakidanza Cimarrona)

  3. Presenters:
    1. The Ray González Latin Jazz and Salsa Festival

    2. Teatro Luis Rafael Sánchez (Connecticut’s first Puerto Rican / Latino Theater)

    3. Galería Guakía / Guakia Gallery

The year 2010 represents Guakía’s Twenty Seventh Anniversary. Since its inception in 1983, Guakía became a major art force within the Hispanic community in the Greater Hartford area and throughout the State of Connecticut. Guakía is the only organization of its kind in the Hispanic community of Connecticut. After a quarter of a century, the magnitude of Guakia’s mission is exemplified in a picture taken in 1993 during a music workshop with master percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo. As a timely witness of Guakía’s truth, all of the children in the picture are today professional musicians traveling the world as ambassadors of their culture, healing and nourishing the human soul with the universal language of music. Guakía has and continue to empowered our children and youth with knowledge based in creativity, imagination and discipline, a gift that no one can take away. Enclosed please find the picture of the musicians who attended Guakía when they were children.

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